Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

What information we store from our customers

CBD Chemist Shop UK only collects basic data like email address, phone number, credit card information and shipping address from you. These information are required only for service purposes. Also, send details to your phone and email to make you aware about shipping process. Our agents use your information to provide you best services.

Our purpose of collecting your data

Our main reason of collecting your data is to make your work more easy and effective. From your payment information, we can do transactions quickly. Through your numbers and emails, our CBD Chemist Shop professionals can reach to you on time and also can aware you about our future activities and campaigns.

How can we protect your information?

We take care of your private data. Only limited person see your data who have right to access to your information. We don’t use your information on any other platform. All your credit card information is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. So, you don’t need to take worry of your personal information.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies for getting more information about customer’s priority and preferences. We send a file (cookie) to customer’s computer hard drive. Cookies help service providers to remember your information like previous shopping details, cart items and your preferred products.


CBD Chemist Shop site keeps updating the privacy policy terms and also post new policy simultaneously.