About CBD Chemist Shop

We offer CBD products mainly from one manufacturer who we have researched extensively and believe we are experienced and becoming more renowned in the UK. We have placed our Cibdol CBD products online in more than 200 chemist outlets around the UK.
Our company makes sure that customers get a variety of CBD products like oils, supplements and creams. Because of our good reach to UK market, our products are trusted by thousands of people and with the clinical tests and trials, we truly believe that all other CBD products are inferior to our highly recommended products from Cibdol.
Cibdol products are made up from 100% naturally grown hemp fibers. You can buy products according to the percentage of cannabidiol (2.5%-20%) present in them. All your priorities like vegan or non-vegan, gluten and halal considerations are taken into account.

Why Choose CBD Chemist Shop?

There are many reasons that our company is chosen by many customers some of which are:

Why We Formed CBD Chemist Shop?


CBD Chemist Shop guarantees you of providing best quality CBD products online. We only stock the Ferrari of CBD Oils hence the golden color.

Cheap rates

Our Company’s products are priced the lowest in the market as compared to other CBD companies in the UK.

Variety of products

Here, you will get lots of varieties in products. You can choose CBD quantities according to your wish. Our products are also available in many forms like oils, capsules, creams and many more.

Shipping cost

our company shipping costs are very affordable. Shipping is also free in some conditions.

Includes all food types

From vegan to non-vegan, gluten-free or not or if you want halal or non-halal CBD products, you can reliable on this store

Good reviews

The other main reason of choosing CBD chemist shop is the good reviews of our products, trust pilot has 5 out of 5 and more than 7000 reviews for our highest rated products from Cibdol.


Our all products are tested and follow set standards. These products are safe to use.