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Will Using CBD Lead To A Positive Drug Test?


More and more people are turning to CBD, or cannabidiol, for its incredible medicinal relief properties. The science has never been more clear and the public knows it. As interest in CBD increases, some have voiced concern that it may trigger a positive drug screen. Whether for work or other reasons, drug screening has become part of life for some. Patients turning to CBD are not seeking the euphoric effects of marijuana, they seek relief. CBD does not trigger the intoxicating effects of THC, the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Should those subject to a drug screen worry if they consume CBD?


There are currently over 120 known cannabinoids found in marijuana, with CBD and THC being the two primary compounds. THC is largely responsible for the psychoactive effect, while CBD is the cannabinoid most responsible for the relief properties we’ve seen cannabis hailed for in recent years. Different strains tend to be defined by their varying levels of CBD and THC. Indicas usually contain higher levels of the non-psychoactive compound making for a more body-centric buzz. Sativas are usually lower in CBD and result in a more euphoric, cerebral high. The distinct differences between the compounds determine their use.

With more and more patients seeking out CBD, who are not looking to get high, the question of drug testing has been popping up. People are turning away from prescription pharmaceuticals in vast numbers. CBD is a safe and effective product made by nature, not by a bunch of geeks in lab coats. CBD has been tested in treating a number of ailments including inflammation, nausea, neurological disorders including epilepsy, cancer and even psychological disorders like anxiety. There is much promise for a variety of treatments using CBD and the demand for it is sure to grow.


Drug testing is a decades-old relic of the war against drugs, sometimes used for probation or parole and sometimes for pre-employment screening. Either way, they are a reality that some just can’t get around. But should those who have to take drug tests worry if they consume CBD for medicinal relief? The answer really depends on what kind of test is being performed and what kind of consumption habits the testee has demonstrated. If the subject has consumed only CBD products from a reputable source that are guaranteed to contain no THC, then you are likely to pass. If you are consuming impure CBD products or especially large quantities of CBD oil, then an initial urine screen or instant test may show positive. Fortunately science has other ways to determine whether or not the subject has consumed cannabis.


After an initial positive test, the sample should be sent for a confirmatory test using a process called gas chromatograph mass spectrometry, or GC/MS for short. Once a sample makes its way into this process, the analysis will have no problem discerning THC from CBD. The biggest problem with using CBD products when you have to take a drug test, is that you can never be sure of what you are getting unless you trust the source. The reality is, if you try to make your own 100% pure CBD oil at home, you are likely to fail. The CBD extraction process is not something that can be cooked up in a kitchen. So the short of it is, if you want to ensure you are consuming pure untainted CBD, you have to get it from a reliable source. The testing itself isn’t the problem, it’s the source of the CBD that will most likely be a cause for concern.


So if you are looking for a CBD oil that is guaranteed to contain no THC, the current leader in the market is Cibdol. Cibdol CBD oil is the purest CBD oil available. If you have to take a drug test but you are worried about lower grade CBD oil contaminated with trace amounts of THC, Cibdol may be the solution you are looking for. Cibdol CBD oil is made from hemp and extracted under strict laboratory conditions, which should help take the guesswork out of sifting through CBD products. With Cibdol CBD oil, its purity ensures a clean drug test every time.

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