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Why CBDchem was formed?


So, we were made aware of CBD and its potential benefits almost 6 years ago. A gentleman we won’t name directly, but is now one of the leading figures in the industry asked us for an opinion on the science and research around CBD. At that time information was more limited than it is today. Although we saw the possible benefits, as professionals we didn’t quite fancy being associated with cannabis or related products, for obvious reasons.

Times have changed, there is a growing body of evidence, research and testimonials from various sources across the globe. However, there is also still much confusion.

What is it? Is it legal? Where do I get it from? What is the source? Is this a white labelled product? How can I be sure of the quality? What can it help?

Amongst many of the questions posed to us by many people we might have recommended to try CBD, for various conditions.

We decided to form CBDchem to help distribute and disseminate the available research, literature, and we found the best product we could on the market. We are very happy to be able to offer our expertise and Cibdol products to you, here in the UK.

Our commitment:

  • Quality as every batch is quality controlled.
  • Consistency as all our products have guaranteed CBD content.
  • Evidence based research as we are constantly reviewing the research and evidence.
  • Sharing the available evidence as we will disseminate through various communication channels the latest news around CBD for public information and advice
  • Future development by liasing with the authorities, government departments to help support, promote and distribute CBD for potential uses in the future.

So have confidence, make fully informed decisions, live well.

All the best

CBDChem Team

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