Liposomal CBD Oil 10ml 2.5%

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Utilizing the therapeutic power of cannabidiol, CBD Chemist Shop has boosted the ante with Liposomal CBD Oil 2.5%. This formula provides a turbo-boost of CBD for maximized potency and a significantly faster absorption rate. Expertise understanding and knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade filtration end up in a revolutionary product, unlike anything you’ll find on high street.

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Liposomal CBD Oil 2.5%: Industry-Leading Expertise Results in Groundbreaking Formula

Our liposomal formula increases and boosts the already substantial effect of hemp-derived CBD, providing lasting relief when you need it the most. The combination of liposomes with a little amount of alcohol allows CBD to be four times more effective than other oils as it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This also results in a quicker onset of effects that last considerably longer, making the formula ideal for anyone seeking an immediate lift.

The recommendation of the CBD may be doubtful of the lower concentration of this product; however, due to the innovate formula, our 2.5% Liposomal CBD Oil is comparable to our traditional 10% CBD Oil. This higher dosage of CBD delivered to the bloodstream is the driving force behind this increased effectiveness.

Is CBD Chemist Shop’s sophisticated Liposomal formula right for you?

Despite the significant advantages of choosing our unique liposomal formula, the product is not for everyone. The presence of soy makes it unsuitable for individuals with an intolerance, while the addition of alcohol prevents children and pregnant women from utilizing the dynamic formula. The complex composition of the oil prevents it from being available in capsule form or from being stored for longer than two months, but it is the ideal boost for most regular users who are searching for an effective dose of CBD oil in the UK.

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