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Cannabidiol (CBD) is renowned for its wide range of therapeutic benefits. Used by patients as an aid for various ailments, experiencing longer-lasting relief is vital for improving symptoms. That’s why Cibdol has developed a sophisticated formula to ensure not only a more potent dose of CBD, but a faster-acting and sustained one at that.

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Liposomal CBD Oil 4%: Rapid Recovery When You Need It Most

At first sight, 4% might seem as a low concentration of CBD, but actually the benefits are comparable to our traditional 20% oil—the result of an innovative formula. Containing both alcohol and liposomes (small “bubbles” that transport CBD safely into the bloodstream), this formula results in a potency up to four times stronger than traditional oils. Moreover, effects are felt quickly and last longer than other products.

Cibdol’s Liposomal CBD Oil 4% is here to turbo-boost CBD’s effectiveness for those looking for a recharge or fast response.

Which cibdol product matches your needs?

Cibdol ensures all customers’ needs are catered to with our extensive CBD product range. However, due to the unique nature of our liposomal formula, it may not be convenient for all demographics. The inclusion of soy makes it unsuitable for those with an intolerance. In addition, alcohol is a critical component; as such, the oil is not intended for children or pregnant women. If you fall into any of those camps, our remaining product range is still available to fully meet your high standards for therapeutic CBD.

The diverse collection of compounds within our liposomal formula makes it the ideal choice for most users to get started. However, this composition also makes it unsuitable to be put in capsules or stored for longer than 2 months.

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94 reviews for Liposomal CBD formula Liposomal CBD Oil 10ml 4%

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