CBD Softgels 30% (3000mg)


Take control of your well-being with CBD Softgels 30% (3000mg) from Cibdol. Using the finest naturally grown hemp, we’ve expertly blended high-quality CBD extract with essential terpenes and olive oil. Each capsule contains a consistent ratio of CBD, making it easier than ever to support wellness on multiple fronts.

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A precise dose of full-spectrum CBD in every capsule

For a streamlined approach to well-being, our 30% (3000mg) CBD Softgels take the complication out of accurate dosing. Each capsule contains the same ratio of CBD, essential terpenes, and olive oil, leaving you free to focus on the activities you love. With a full-spectrum extract guaranteed to be free of THC, GMOs, and harsh chemicals, you can dose with confidence and peace of mind.

Cibdol uses the finest naturally grown hemp and state-of-the-art extraction technology to create a CBD extract unrivaled in its purity. Exceptionally high purity also means maximum impact, making our 30% formula perfect for experienced users. Our soft gel capsules are also tasteless and odorless—ideal if you find the taste of CBD off-putting or you need to consume discreetly.

The road to improved well-being has never been easier thanks to high-quality 30% (3000mg) CBD Softgels.


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