CBD Oil 5% Multipack


The Cibdol CBD Oil 5% Multipack offers you a way to stock up on your favourite CBD oil while saving money at the same time. Our 5% strength package is ideal for those who are new to CBD or are looking for a standard daily dose. Available in three pack sizes, you can save between 10-30% compared to when bought individually. Perfect for those who know they want a lot of CBD.

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Our High-Quality 5% CBD Oil: Available in a Range of Multipack Discounts

The CBD Oil Multipack 5% offers users a way to buy CBD oil in bulk and save money while doing it.

Available in three sizes:

Multipack 3x – gives a 10% discount
Multipack 5x – gives a 20% discount
Multipack 10x – gives a 30% discount

For more information on our golden 5% CBD oil, please refer to our dedicated 5% CBD oil product page.


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