CBD Foot Cream


There is no escaping the tired, throbbing sensation we all get after a long day on our feet. CBD Foot Cream has been expertly formulated to soothe tired feet while moisturising and protecting the skin. Harnessing the power of CBD, calendula, aloe vera, and camphor, you can refresh cracked heels and dry skin. Put a spring in your step with the rejuvenating power of CBD Foot Cream.

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CBD Foot Cream: Giving Your Hard-Working Feet The Attention They Deserve

Your feet take the brunt of everything you do. Don’t let tired and haggard feet drain your passion for living life to the fullest. Featuring a specially formulated blend of CBD and natural ingredients, CBD Foot Cream soothes, moisturises, and refreshes tired, worn-out feet. Put a spring in your step, and give your hard-working feet the pampering they deserve with the power of CBD.

CBD works in partnership with aloe vera to moisturise and cool tired skin. Vitamin E synergises with camphor to protect the delicate harmony of your feet, while farnesol tackles harmful bacteria to provide a calming fragrance. Lastly, calendula completes the delicate blend, lending its healing power to tired muscles and cracked heels.

Together, the sophisticated blend of CBD and natural ingredients gives skin, from ankle to toe, a luxurious, “walking on clouds” sensation. No matter what you have planned, CBD Foot Cream is here to soothe and rejuvenate your feet—walking a day in your shoes never felt so invigorating.


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