CBD Face Serum


Experience firmer-looking skin with CBD Face Serum from Cibdol. Using golden-grade CBD, aloe vera, vitamins C & E, and hyaluronic acid, you can wake up to skin that feels refreshed, protected, and moisturised—every single day. Give your skin the radiant glow it so deserves, with CBD Face Serum.

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CBD Face Serum: Wake Up To Refreshed, Revitalised Skin

The sophisticated formula behind Cibdol CBD Face Serum works through the night to provide firmer, fresher looking skin by morning. By supporting the skin’s protective and healing qualities, CBD Face Serum is a powerful nighttime renewal strategy that can help delay the aging process. Using natural ingredients, vitamins, and the power of CBD, our CBD Face Serum gives your skin the radiant, youthful glow it deserves.

Built on a foundation of golden-grade CBD, aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, each ingredient works in harmony with your skin’s natural qualities. Aloe vera bolsters the skin’s healing properties while vitamins C and E are powerful protectors packed with antioxidants. CBD Face Serum also includes hyaluronic acid, a moisturising agent that leaves skin feeling soft and luxurious to the touch.

Wake up to the power of CBD and natural ingredients. CBD Face Serum from Cibdol gives you the confidence to start your day feeling refreshed and energised, without worrying about fine lines or wrinkles.


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