CBD Eye Gel Roller


Let your eyes reflect your passion for life with the help of CBD Eye Roller Gel from Cibdol. Rely on the power of CBD, the soothing effects of panthenol, and the moisturising qualities of shea butter and hyaluronic acid to help the under-eye area appear visibly firmer. Fall in love with youthful, vibrant looking eyes that reflect everything you’ve accomplished.

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CBD Eye Roller Gel: Let Your Eyes Tell Your Story

Our eyes allow us to experience incredible moments, and tell a story words never could. It’s important that our eyes reflect our accomplishments, not just our hardships. Suitable for all skin types, CBD Eye Roller Gel uses the power of cannabidiol and essential ingredients to reduce puffiness, smooth fine lines, and leave the area around your eyes moisturized.

The power of CBD has been seamlessly infused with carefully selected natural ingredients. Vitamin B5 (panthenol) begins by softening and soothing skin before hyaluronic acid nourishes deep beneath the surface. Shea butter provides a protective barrier, while a clinically proven paraben-free complex addresses fine lines, boosting the skin’s elasticity and locking in essential moisture.

Our expert blend works in harmony with your skin, not against it, to ensure firm, youthful, and age-defying results. Thanks to the versatility of CBD, natural oils, and essential vitamins, your eyes can tell a story you’re proud to share.


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